description Summary

Having spent the better part of my life as an entrepreneur I guess life has thrown a lot of ups and downs at me, with every challenge came the ability to face it, and overcome it. I have been a Creative designer, a Consultant and a trainer for over 13 years now. Through every aspect of my expertise, I emphasize of the importance of quality and focus on the job at hand. Iam actively involved as a consultant with many startups and semi startups to keep them up to speed with the latest trends and technologies. I have also been a successful career mentor for many individuals over the years.

My mantra for life remains simple:  Start controlling the simple aspects of life and the complexities disappear.  

Functional Area

Art Director/Graphic/Web Designer, Consulting/Strategy management, Content Writer/Editor/Journalist, Digital Marketing/SEM/SEO, Teaching/Education/Language Specialist, Web Designer/ UX/UI Designer


Education/Teaching/Training, Internet/E-Commerce/Startups


Consultant for Branding, Graphic Design, Web Technologies, UI/UX and much more. Trainer with expertise in Web Technologies,Content Writing, Soft Skills etc.