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Malini has spent over 15 years in the visual communication industry. Starting in television production, she moved onto brand development and advertising then in content creation and business development. She’s handled multiple sectors like digital & social media, TV, print & radio.

She's led & mentored teams whilst working with all the top broadcasters in India like the Times Group, NDTV, India Today TV and large production houses like Miditech and Small Screen Film and TV Pvt. Ltd

She headed a large team crafting digital content on the 71 flagship schemes initiated by The Government Of India & MyGov, a citizen engagement platform initiated by the Prime Minister. 

She’s currently the Creative & Business Head of Zest Communications Pvt Ltd, a start up initiative with her colleagues. It’s a fully stacked production house that creates content and deploys it across multiple international & national broadcasters.

Over the years she’s developed an instinct in creative conceptualizing and pitching, using varied formats like white board animation, 2 D animation, live action, puppetry, and many more, thereby crafting stunning and impactful content pieces.

Branded content creation, its production and execution onto multi media platforms are among her focused skill sets. She brings on board a combination of creative leadership, along with business & marketing skills, offering content as a strategic brand solution.

Producing content for the development sector on issue based subjects is an area that comes to her naturally and she’s crafted more than 100 projects for many United Nations organizations like Unicef, UNDP, UNFPA, The Hunger Project, Plan India among many others.

 In the past, many projects conceptualized by her, have won prestigious national & international awards.

When not working in urban spaces, she can be found in her home in Uttrakhand, nestled between a pristine river & a forest where she walks, swims, cooks and camps with her family. Mother of twin teenage daughters, Malini believes motherhood is the most educative, creative, humbling and enriching journey undertaken! She's actively involved with theatre productions and last performed on stage in 2018 in a theatrical production that raised awareness on Autism.

Functional Area

Content Writer/Editor/Journalist




content marketing, branded content, content strategy, social media, video production, documentary production.