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Empowering the children of today - leaders of tomorrow - is significant for the growth of future generation. Imparting the fundamental values is essential while enabling them. With an aim to encourage and train the children to acquire various life skills, I through Vibha Education Services Corp. designed and developed different training programs. These programs will provide value-based training to the children.
Why there is a considerable gap between what is taught through 'curriculum' and the real skill accumulation in children? The Latin origin of 'Curriculum' is 'Curricle' which means 'Course of Race.' As it depicts, our children are trained to compete, run against time & others and win where the values are given less or 'nil' priority. When put in the stricter situation the children struggle and get into anxiety, depression and some, go to the extent of ending the life. Keeping these concerns in mind, I have been conducting numerous life skill programs for the children.
Moreover, the parents and the teachers are the role models and who played a massive part in shaping up the lives. It is their responsibility as well to instill value-based education among the children. How
can they inculcate such values among children? After identifying the necessity to educate the teachers and the parents, I have been conducting various programs addressing the core concerns. Through these programs, the teachers and the parents are trained on multiple life skills. They are trained how to implement the learning in their lives as well educate the children.
The programs evolve in the areas as given below:
1. Self-awareness
2. Empathy
3. Goal setting
4. Time Management
5. Cognitive skills
6. Bullying
7. Interpersonal relationship
8. Effective communication
9. Coping with stress
10. Coping with emotion

With  5 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, I train and coach women to achieve their goals through classroom training programs and one-on-one coaching sessions.


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HR- Learning and development/Training




Memory skill, NLP,Cognitive behaviour therapy, Leadership skill,Presentation skill,Train the trainer