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A Malaysian born girl that left all that was culturally familiar to her to pursue her undergraduate studies in accounting and finance at The University of Western Australia, Australia. 

Having worked as an auditor with The State Government of Australia (Department of Finance) for 6 years and a half, dealing with top tiers of Australia’s top 100 Listed Companies, have taught me the art of good communication skills, investigations skills, the ability to manage conflicts, handle difficult conversations and the ability to adapt and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Being a Certified Practice Accountant (CPA) has also allowed me to mentor other young graduates and junior CPA associates throughout their journey. I have actively been involved as a mentor, presenting to the international students at events organised by The University of Western Australia and CPA Australia, sharing my experiences as a past international student and facilitate the students through their career development journey.

Having a passion for mountaineering, I was well known as ‘the accountant that climbs mountains’, and not your typical traditional boring accountant. My mountain climbing experiences has taught me that we all have further mountains to climb. Not only up the corporate ladder, but also in other areas of our lives, our emotional and mental development, to be a leader of our own.

Being a cross cultural women, I can relate to the challenges of that awkward silence at networking events, not knowing how to hold conversations, unsure on how to create your own personal brand and to be able to speak with confidence and certainty. 

My one vision in life is to empower other women to stand in their power and be proud to say 'THIS IS ME'. To awaken that ‘7 years old girl’ again that once had her own dreams and aspirations, because during the process of living life, she got hit left, right, front and centre and eventually she lost touch of that fire in her. Take my hands and lets rise up together, as one.

‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Instead ask yourself what makes you come alive and then do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive’.

Big Love


Functional Area

Consulting/Strategy management, Accounting/Finance/Tax/CS/Audit, Teaching/Education/Language Specialist


Education/Teaching/Training, Management Consulting


Public speaking skills , interpersonal skills , personal branding