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Anita Alexander is the Functional Leader for Systems Implementation for a large scale green field project in India and is a member of GE’s Accelerated Leadership Program – XLP. In her quest for meaningful work, Anita joined GE 10 years ago with an aspiration to give her best to outcomes that matter to the world.

During this decade, Anita has built multiple, high-performing, world class Software Engineering teams at a lightning pace. Bangalore Solution Centre is one such example. She led this pivotal capability for GE Transportation IT, growing it from two developers to a 50 - member Software Engineering Organization serving three different P&Ls and six digital products, in a short span of three years. Well-tailored leadership programs and the eco-system of sponsors, mentors, and coaches
that GE offers sculpted Anita’s leadership skills. Currently, Anita is reinventing her career to hone cross-functional leadership skills in Services and Supply Chain functions as a member of the Year II XLP batch.


XLP is a highly intensive Accelerated Leadership Program for hand-picked talent from around the globe. Created in the spirit of GE Beliefs, the XLP program develops core leadership capabilities across the company’s critical strategic functions. In Year I of the program - Anita directed the Field Services Software Engineering
organization to develop “Next Gen Services” Product Platform, delivering digitally enabled smart shop capabilities in a fastworks mode. 


Anita is a strong advocate of Women in technical and leadership roles and is co- leading the Bangalore Hub of GE India Women’s Network. Anita is married to Alexander and is a proud mother of two daughters, aged 13 and eight. 


Her favorite and most impactful stress buster are to read books along with her kids. They are great fans of the Geronimo’s and Harry Potter series. Her most cherished moments are the “play-it- by-ear” trips with the family.

Functional Area

Research/Analytics/Business Intelligence/Big data, Software Development