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Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator

   MARG        Bangalore
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Job details

Job Type

  Full Time

Functional Area





Not Specified

Experience Required

  2 - 6 Yrs


  4 - 5 Lakhs

Skills Required

   interpersonal communication abilities,office administration,classroom management,customer experience



Job Description

1. The person shall have the designation of “Training Manager”, will be a part of The Company’s Operations Team and shall discharge the duties, which will be in the scope of his/her work. 

2. The person shall be in full time employment of the Company. The normal daily working hours shall be 9 am to 5 pm. However, to accommodate a client/ open workshops the said hours need to be flexible on a need basis. The hours are flexible to the extent the deliverables agreed are met. 

3. The job responsibilities shall broadly include:

a. As Training Manager, the person is required to be physically/virtually present at all trainings of Marg at workshop venues as well as client location in Bangalore, other cities in India or abroad He/she in this role is the face of Marg and the sole point of contact at all the training programs 

i. He/she is required to support the trainer/facilitator /coach/participants in all matters- logistics and otherwise relating to training 
- pre , during and posr.

ii. He/she shall act as the observer in the training sessions and revert to Marg team with feedback on the trainer /client/participants and the training session and work with the Marg team towards the improvement of the same 

iii. For global product trainings there are a few norms to be followed wrt the entity , Marg , partcipants and trainers which is the responsibility of the training manager

b. Training Support – Material in charge 
- inventory management of all materials imported or locally printed or procured along with office supplies

4. On fixation of training date

a. Ensure that the Training material, feedback forms etc.reach the client/trainer by either carrying the same to the training programs or dispatch to client/ trainer as deemed necessary 

b. Collect the feedback forms post session and deposit for analysis 

c. For workshops be responsible for pre training (pre work 
submission, certificates etc) process and post training formalities as well (thank you mails etc) 

5. Other Tasks shall include

a. Maintaining trainer pipeline- help in searching for suitable trainers from time to time 
by looking for profiles from various sources, fix interviews, be in charge of the 
appointment process (NDA, profile making etc.) and appoint trainers 

b. Trainer Management – Be a part of the trainer selection process for trainings and 
assist the BD team in closing a deal 

c. Assist BD team in closing calls with clients 

d. Work very closely with rest of Operations team for all trainings and have a clear 
split of responsibility 

e. Help the Marg team in matters relating to clients, office and training, as and when