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  0 - 30 Yrs

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   Marketing , Market Planning ,Account Management ,Business Development ,Sales ,R&D ,Marketing Strategy ,Market Analysis ,Account Management ,Accounting ,Finance ,Financial Accounting ,Communication Skills


English ,Hindi

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<p>Are you ready to take control of your second career restart journey? Are you itching to just get behind the wheel and drive down that highway, and take that on-ramp back to the career of your dreams, after a personal break?</p> <p>Maybe the break was longer than you thought it would be, maybe it wasn&rsquo;t.</p> <p>Maybe you&rsquo;re bored with your current modus-operandi in your daily grind, maybe you&rsquo;re not.</p> <p>BUT, if you ARE looking for a way to engage your mind while pursuing your second-career job-hunt in a meaningful, purposeful, enjoyable way, then becoming part of the JFH Ambassador Tribe is YOUR CALLING!</p> <p>We are building a tribe of women who will be our Ambassadors to their social networks about what JobsForHer is and does, for women in India. You will be trained by our Marketing Team and you will use your networking and social skills to talk about JobsForHer with women that you meet in the course of your day, as well as organized get-togethers that you can plan and execute.</p> <p>How Do I Benefit?</p> <ul> <li>YOU get to add an extra feather in your hat of roles played, by becoming a JFH Ambassador.</li> <li>YOU become a brand evangelist to other women, helping them find a path back to the workforce You have first-hand access to job opportunities in reputed companies (and their kickass women-returnee-friendly programs) that are on our portal.</li> <li>YOU get to dedicate a tiny bit of your busy day toward a cause as noble as helping a woman find her way back.</li> <li>YOU get to brag of your Voluntary role at JFH not just on a personalized visiting card, but also on your resume the next time you&rsquo;ll need it! YOU get to brainstorm and have a say on our FB &amp; Whatsapp Groups &amp; be part of all career upskill events and meet-ups.</li> <li>YOU get to be and stay inspired by the struggles and achievements of the other women you&rsquo;ll associate with on this journey.</li> <li>YOU learn how to restart your career by enabling other women to get back to work. YOU sharpen your skills and commitment levels with training workshops and courses that we organize to upskill career-break women, like YOU! [Some of these programs are EXCLUSIVELY for our Ambassadors.]</li> <li>YOU grow a support group of like-minded women who support each other through challenges at work and in life YOU get inspired by our array of speakers at our Ambassador-only meetups YOU gain access to Mentors through the Ambassador-only Mentorship Program YOU get a resume boost as a special representative of JobsForHer, with cutting-edge inputs that will make your resume state-of-the-art in today&rsquo;s job market!</li> <li>YOU will experience the sheer delight that comes from helping another woman reclaim her rightful place in the workforce</li> </ul> <p><strong>What Do I Have to Do?</strong></p> <p>1) Get Trained to be an Ambassador either over Skype OR (more fun &amp; engaging) over a cup of coffee and get exclusive access to groups of like-minded influential women who are helping each other grow in their careers!</p> <p>2) Spread the word online and offline &ndash; we know that in our hyper-connected world the internet is more far-reaching than is humanly possible. However, the camaraderie &amp; warmth of a face-to-face gathering is way more fun, and much more effective!</p> <p>3) Be engaged in helping other women for 2 hours a day from the comfort of your home or outside of it &ndash; flexibility is the name of the game!</p> <p>4) Come to our meet-ups and bring your friends &ndash; let&rsquo;s build each other up, women for women! Introduce us to mentors, influencers, and even companies that YOU know who want to hire women!</p> <p>5) Know a Company looking for a certain sector of female talent pool? Tell us about them!</p> <p>6) Anyone on your social media groups looking for career guidance?</p> <ul> <li>Tag us, share our posts on FB or Linkedin or just Retweet is on twitter! Compensation &quot;This is an unpaid role that can be executed from any of India&#39;s mega metropolises.&quot;</li> </ul>
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