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Why the World Needs Women in Tech

COVID-19 has changed the world. Now more than ever, the world needs more women in technology to
rise up and use their skills to innovate and tackle the challenges that we face globally.

How HerTech Can Help You Help The World

HerTech is a community of women in technology who are creating solutions, driving change and
sharing tools and resources to derive insights for a better tomorrow.

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Showcase your skills by participating in challenges with global women technologists

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Learn from industry leaders and get access to the best tech tools and resources

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Tech Jobs

Find the perfect job for your skills, backed by the JobsForHer advantage

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Solve tech challenges and participate in international hackathons

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Connect with a global tech community of women who are the future of IT

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Networking Events

Meet other women technologists and build your network through exclusive meetups

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HerTech brings the best IT & software jobs for women in Tech to
one platform, so you can make the best choice for your career.


Learn all you need to know about HerTech before joining the
largest community of women in tech

HerTech is a community of global women technologists who share the common goal of finding lasting solutions for the problems that the world faces today especially in the COVID crisis, using their tech skills, creativity and drive.

HerTech is open to all women in IT/software fields who share our passion for using technological skills and expertise to tackle global problems. Fill up the form above with your details to enter this vibrant community of women technologists.

HerTech welcomes women from all fields of IT, software and computing, irrespective of their skillsets or the career stage they’re in. Tech skills include, but are not limited to Data Science, AI/ML, Cloud Computing, HTML, C++, PHP, UX Design, Python, Javascript, Java, Ruby, Cyber Security, SQL, etc.

When you join HerTech, you become a part of a global tribe of women in technology you can network with, consult for solutions, and solve challenges with. You also get access to free courses, webinars and masterclasses in various technology skills, exclusive meetups of women in technology as well as tech jobs at top companies.

No, HerTech is a global tech platform and is open to women in tech across the globe.