A one-of-its-kind conference, career fair and award function for women starters, restarters and risers, which aims to provide career guidance, panel discussions and the opportunity to network with HR representatives and recruitment teams from companies HIRING women across the professional sphere, just like YOU. HerRising is taking place online on September 19, 2020. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
Career Fair
To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
A virtual career fair is a 3D online platform where we help you connect with senior leaders and recruitment teams from various companies in a virtual setting. The platform will mimic the feel of a physical event, so you can continue your job search safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
All you need to do is register for the career fair and log in on September 19, 2020 with a stable internet connection to be able to visit virtual employer booths and interact with them over chat and other media. Ensure you register early so companies can shortlist you for interviews which will be held during the event, click here: http://dev.jobsforher.com/herrising/careerfair
Once you enter the virtual HerRising Career Fair, you will find that it will appear similar to a physical event, with employer booths spread out across a lobby area. You can easily navigate around the fair and interact with the teams manning each booth through chat. If selected for interviews, you will be invited to online breakout rooms to chat one-on-one with potential employers.
The HerRising Career Fair in its virtual form has many benefits for you:

1. You cannot attend a physical career fair or in-campus job interviews at this time, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The HerRising Career Fair helps you stay at home and stay safe while still continuing your job search.

2. Looking for a job at this time of crisis is daunting, especially when you don't know which companies are hiring. At the HerRising Career Fair, you can see all the companies and their job postings on a single platform.

3. A physical job fair is confined to one city, while the HerRising Career Fair is accessible to women across the country. Moreover, you stand a chance to meet employers from various industries with job postings in the city of your choice.

Yes, all women are welcome to attend the event to start, restart and rise in your career. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
Yes, the Career Fair is open to all women, irrespective of their location in India, who can access it online. Many large companies will post their job requirements across India. The Conference will provide an opportunity to gain advice AND inspiration to boost your career. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
You will be able to network with companies, know more about their job openings, women-friendly policies, etc., at the virtual Career Fair. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your application stand out from the crowd by interacting with HR representatives of top companies. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
Companies from anywhere in India can participate in the event virtually. Many of the large companies will be posting their job requirements across India. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
No. Participating companies are spread across various industries, like Tech, Banking, Operations, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.,in functional areas ranging from HR, Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, as well as full-time, part-time, freelance, work-from-home jobs and returnee programs. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
You can find our speakers details at https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
The HerRising Conference will function as a large-scale webinar with industry leaders giving their insights and career advice. Conference attendees will also get to network with other women professionals in online breakout rooms during breaks.
After the nominations are received, selected nominees will go into the voting round. Voting will be opened up to the public, and nominees with the highest votes in their categories will receive awards at HerRising.
HerRising will be held on September 19, 2020, online. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
Yes, you can. All women will benefit hugely from this virtual event and leave with a clear idea on how to boost their careers. Feel free to share this registration link: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
HerRising is exclusively for women, so men are not allowed. Block your seat right away. Click here:https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
Please visit https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/careerfair to register for the Career Fair.
You can block your seat for the Conference by clicking here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
The HerRising Career Fair and Conference is free of cost for women to attend. To register, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/careerfair
Yes, however, you might not be able to get an interview slot with a company if you don’t register your details early enough. To block your seat at the earliest, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising/conference
Yes, registered candidates can browse through the Career Fair anytime between 9 am and 6 pm. The Conference timings are 9.30 am-1.30 pm, which will be followed by the Awards ceremony. For more information, click here: https://www.jobsforher.com/herrising
The Career Fair and Conference are free of cost to attend and you have access with the same registration link.
For any further queries, contact us at richa@jobsforher.com

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