About Group

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We often underestimate the benefits of traveling!
We forget why travel is important.

We forget what travel does for our minds and our souls.
But, what’s better than traveling?

A group of women travelers backpacking together!

And what’s better than a group of women traveling together?

A group of women travelers exchanging their travel experiences!

To be inspired by, to learn of places they’d never heard of, to get insider tips on being a smart traveler and more!

So come aboard this group of gutsy, curious, adventurous women travelers who are willing to give it their all AND take you on that ride too!

Why Join:

Do you need a reason?

We’ll tell you anyway!

Because this group will keep you inspired to travel often, travel far and travel smart.
Because these women will help you crack unbelievable itineraries and untouched destinations.
Because travel experiences cannot and must not be kept locked away!


  • Learn of places new, distant, exotic
  • Use travel experiences of others on the group to better yours
  • Share your travel photos and experiences in the benefit of others
  • Plan offline meets in your city to explore travel options with one another

Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!