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Calling out to all women in tech!

Looking for information in the world of technology?
Have an engineering degree to leverage from?
Believe in the importance of ‘technology today’?

Then this discussion forum is where you need to be!

We live in an age of rapid technology, where everything around us is either wired (or wireless) and centered around automation.

From the latest technologies in the market — like AI, ML, Cloud Computing and more, to pursuing careers around them — find all that and more on this group of women technologists.

Why Join:

Because nothing moves as rapidly as technology!
And because the easiest, fun‘nest’, most-updated way to do that is through the power of community!


  • Find information on the latest technologies in the market
  • Discuss technology advancements with fellow technologists
  • Share your knowledge on the ever-advancing newness in the world of technology
  • Stay updated and relevant through regular Expert Chats on the group by established names and people in the world of automation

Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!

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