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It’s time to connect with the women who have made it work for themselves and their families. The Restars @ JobsForHer Group is a platform for women who have successfully restarted their careers and are now ready to pay it forward. Be it advice on how to restart, tips and tricks to manage work and personal responsibilities and many more, find it on this Group.

Your support system to encourage, guide and celebrate the small successes, and the grand achievements — the Restars@JobsForHer Group is tailor-made for the rockstar woman in you who has given her career a new lease of life

Why join the Group

  • Understand the challenges faced by working mothers and learn how to tackle them
  • Learn how to build a support system to help you achieve work-life balance
  • Get advice on how to build a strong relation with coworkers

  • Share, connect and grow with this Group of women who have risen in their careers despite their challenges
  • Inspire other women through your own success stories and how you overcame failures to be where you are today

Connect with like-minded women professionals here!


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