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RecruitHer — a recruitment drive for women, curated by JobsForHer — is a one-of-its-kind hiring and networking event.

RecruitHer goes across India in search of women professionals in a variety of career fields. Our past recruitment drives have taken place across the country, and in a range of fields. And the results have been rewarding — for both companies and women.

Through RecruitHer, companies find immediate access to an untapped talent pool, and the women break through the barriers of hiring through visibility for their skills and talent on such a platform.

This group is a discussion forum about all updates with regard to the event.

Why Join:

  • So that you’re in the know of upcoming specialised recruitment drives at JobsForHer
  • So that you gain easy and immediate access to a variety of companies on ONE platform
  • So that you can benefit from all the networking these drives will open you up to


  • Stay in the know of new job opportunities with a host of companies across a range of careers
  • Connect with several like-minded women, become career buddies, inspire and be inspired
  • Widen your horizons and learn of real-life stories outside your own, career options you didn't know existed and interactions that change rigid mindsets

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