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When it comes to getting advice about your career, you can only trust an expert. A mentor to guide you through the process, to answer all your queries about the why, what and how of a successful career path — this and more is what you get when you join the Mentor — Neeraja Group.
A woman who started her career journey as a shy, timid girl, to where she is today — Neeraja is the epitome of determination, commitment and inspiration.

Why join the Mentor — Neeraja Group?

  • Connect with Neeraja, one-on-one, either through an Expert Chat or by simply posting your queries on the Group
  • Get advice and mentorship on courses, jobs and more straight from the woman who has been there and done that!
  • Connect with other women in the Group who are also looking to start, restart and rise in their careers

  • Ask questions, discuss, share and ideate. This is your chance to also offer your own expertise to help answer queries by other women on the Group
  • You can also catch Neeraja live on the Group, as she interacts with women who have similar concerns and issues about a career journey that you might have

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