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Open Group Open Group
998 members

If you are looking for career opportunities in AI/ML, this group is for you. Find relevant jobs and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other women here.

Open Group Open Group
914 members

Calling out to all the Women in Tech... This field needs you and your talent. Join this tribe of women to ALWAYS be in the know!

Open Group Open Group
875 members

Women in Testing is a dedicated community of women working in the software testing field - allowing them to share solutions helping each other thrive in their respective careers!

Open Group Open Group
530 members

Women Data Scientists, if you harbor a passion for everything tech, let it take you through to a profession that is taking the tech industry by storm.

Open Group Open Group
202 members

If you’ve got the skills, and the passion, there’s nothing to stop you. Join this group to stay abreast of the latest tech trends, views, and ideas from other women.


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The greatest path to women becoming the future of the workforce is for them to come together to discuss, encourage and learn from each other. Groups by JobsForHer is a platform for women to excel in their careers while simultaneously etching a better future for the generations of women to come. All women, regardless of industry or career stage will find one/more groups that they can join, based on their interests and career goals. Groups on JobsForHer come with mentorship, expert advice, career guidance, women’s community, networking opportunities, real-life tips and more. Women can choose to join groups from some of our Featured Groups such as Women Freelancers, Work From Home, Women on a Career Break, and Women in Tech, or from the industry specific groups like Women in HR, Women in AI/ML, Women Content Writers, Careers in Pharma, and more. We also have exclusive city-wise groups for women that focus on career opportunities in the respective cities. The Mentor Groups give women the unique chance to interact and learn directly from women leaders across industries. Another add-on feature of Groups is the Expert Chat. Weekly Expert Chats are conducted by industry experts from multiple fields where women can get answers to career-related questions. Groups on JobsForHer offer a career experience like no other platform. It covers all career aspects like growing, learning, mentoring, career advice, networking, encouraging aspiring women, and more. Check out the many groups curated for women’s careers in the Groups section on JobsForHer.