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In recent times, we’ve seen a rise in the number of women pursuing careers with NGOs, seeking to pay it forward in one way or another.

Many times this includes senior women, who are either in the second phase of their professional lives or at the pinnacle of their careers. Other times, it is women who are getting back to work after a break or are making a career switch.

The scope of social work in India, though on the rise, has been a hard when it comes to approvals and processes. Which is why we decided to host this platform to address that need of women professionals.

Why Join:

So that...

...if you’re new to the field of philanthropy, you can leverage from the experience of other seasoned group members

...if you’re an experienced woman in the space of social work in India, you can help other aspiring women learn the ropes and get on board

...if you’re a woman who wants to build on her scope of social work, you can gather all the inspiration, resources and guidance you need from the members on the group


  • Find purpose with your passion by helping make a difference in the lives of the less privileged
  • Learn how best to battle the hurdles of building and sustaining the NGO world
  • Revisit your objectives for social work, find ways to penetrate and influence orthodox systems and stringent processes, all on this one platform

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