About Group

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Motivation is imperative to stay the course of a career.
Because only then one can experience career growth.
Only then can one build on their career aspirations.
And only then is career development possible.

So, how does a woman who juggles between home, work and life stay motivated?
To climb the corporate ladder; to find her way through the corporate maze.

COMMUNITY is the answer.

By simply connecting with groups of women who show her that she’s not alone. That it’s all possible. And that THEY can show each other just how.

Why Join

So you can see that you’re not alone.
So you speak of your challenges and find solutions in turn.
So you share your inspirational stories to light the path of others.
So you find everything you need to keep aspiring higher.


  • Exchange information on job openings, networking events, tips and tricks of the trade and more
  • Use the guidance and motivation on the group as a stepping stone to rise higher and go farther in your career, while also becoming another’s guiding light
  • Benefit from exclusive career development Expert Chats on the group from time to time

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