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Do you want to motivate women to get back to the workplace, inspire fresh graduates to begin their career journey on the right footing, and help rising women professionals to accelerate their careers?
Then you have what it takes to become a JobsForHer Ambassador!
The JobsForHer Ambassador Community is a group of highly motivated women across India who want to create an impact in the lives of other women.
Our ambassadors inspire each other, connect over job opportunities, and help each other return to work by building each other up with positive motivation on a daily basis.

Fill up the Ambassador Information Sheet to join this vibrant community!

Why join the Ambassadors at JobsForHer Group?

  • Become a part of a community of women who are helping women start, restart and rise in their careers across the country
  • Connect with other ambassadors and find out new ways of uplifting each other

  • Get access to first-hand information on ongoing webinars, jobs and event updates
  • Boost your confidence as you grow with us
  • Special discounts and networking opportunities for ambassadors only

Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!

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