The Schools that Want Women on a Career Break Back to Work!

  • JFH Calender 30th September, 2016 to 30th September, 2016
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  • JFH Time 10:00am to 06:30pm
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Full Time or Part- time JOBS across Cities; in Teaching, Administration, Training and more! With the benefits of Work timings, Vacations and other HR policies as per Industry standards!

Were you in a position to inspire and influence young minds? Do you believe working in Education is much more than just a job? Will you come back to work so India's missing Educators are back where they belong?

If you worked in the field of Education before your career break or are looking to join the profession anew, participate in JobsForHer's Education Drive 2016. This September, we feature Diversity Friendly Employers who are aware of the challenges of returning to the workforce.

Apply directly to SELECT Featured Educational Institutions on our portal without feeling like you need to hide, explain, make excuses for, or negate that gap in your resume!

All you need to do is follow the links below and APPLY today for the positions that they've lined up:



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