Solve The Code

Solve The Code



About Event

Women coders unite! This is especially for you!

If you are a woman with Tech skills, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show them off!

Solve the special code each week and prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make it big in the Tech world.

Who can Participate?

All women who possess the Tech skills to code and hack — freshers or experienced professionals.

How to Participate?

1. Click the 'Register' or 'Click to Participate' button to enter
2. Fill up the simple Google Form with your details and the answer to this week's code 
3. Click 'Submit'
4. Check back here again next week for a new code to solve!

The code of the week is as follows:

Click to Participate 


Pricing & Venue



  1st May 2019 to 30th Sep 2020

  10:00am to 6:00pm



Why should I take part in Solve the Code: The Hackathon?

Women in Tech can exercise their coding skills, practice for coding interviews and step into the shoes of a developer before taking the next steps of getting back to work.

If you win this contest, you also get the chance to attend ReskillHer — JobsForHer’s exclusive event, where you can assess your upskilling options and get job-ready for your next interview!

Can I take part in more than one contest?

Yes, you can submit a hack for each code problem posted weekly on Solve the Code: The Hackathon.

Can I submit more than one hack each week?

No, each participant can submit only one entry. However, you can submit one hack for each code problem posted every week.

Can I work on the code problem with my team?

This is not a team contest; it is open only to individual participants. Only ONE free pass will be awarded per winner of the contest.

What do the winners get?

The winners of the Solve the Code contest will get a one-on-one session with a recruitment head from a top tech company in your city. 

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Each person can submit only one entry per week
  • This is not a team event
  • Top winners will get a one-on-one session with a recruitment head from a top tech company in your city.