Resume Writing After a Career Break

  • JFH Calender 14th September, 2017 to 14th September, 2017
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  • JFH Time 12:00pm to 01:00pm
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  • JFH Location Any

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To restart your job search, you need a resume. In this workshop we will tell you how you can showcase your skill set in a way that matches employer expectations in 2017. We will also discuss what employers look for when hiring women after a career break, so you can build a dashing resume.

 Webinar takeaways
a. How to fill that career gap in your resume
b. What has changed since you left your job X years ago
c. How to impress and get past young HRs screening your resumes
d. Do's & Don'ts
e. Choosing or Creating the right format
f. Use of and importance of cover letters