Codejudge HerRising Challenge

Codejudge HerRising Challenge

Registration Closed

Registration Closed



About Event

The Codejudge HerRising Challenge is a way for you to take a customised challenge that will test your Tech skills and give you an analysed report that’ll tell recruiters why you are the right choice for them.

Upon registering by uploading your resume, you will get a customised challenge that matches your skillset. Once you successfully complete the challenge, you will get a special skills assessment report that you can attach to your resume when you visit the HerRising Career Fair.

Now that is a resume advantage you don’t want to miss!


About Codejudge

Codejudge is a code-simulation platform for 10x engineers to showcase their skills and get noticed by top Tech companies on the basis of capabilities and not credentials.

Codejudge assesses every engineer's technical skills using projects modeled on real-world scenarios and evaluating functional and code-quality parameters. 

The proprietary skills data lets companies hire smarter, faster, and without bias. 

Currently, Codejudge's assessment technology is used by reputed startups like Cardekho, Cred and Udaan among other top tech teams at middle and early-stage startups as well as global players like Crossover and Skuad.

How Do They Analyse

Developers on Codejudge build Codejudge micro-projects. These projects are modeled on real-world scenarios, and test for your ability to convert real challenges and business problems into products. 

Their projects are suited primarily for back-end, front-end, full-stack, mobile, and generalist engineers of all kinds. 

Their code analysis engine tests for all major languages and frameworks. Codejudge projects assess developer skills across varying experience levels, from recent grads to those with years of experience.

When is it that you get an opportunity that shows your skills to recruiters and persuades them to hire you?

Well, it is possible with ‘The Codejudge HerRising Challenge’!


Register now and get ready to meet the hiring teams from Tech giants at HerRising on September 19th, with your Codejudge-powered Digital Skills.

Note: The last date to register is September 12th

Pricing & Venue



  3rd Sep 2020 to 12th Sep 2020

  9:00am to 6:00pm