Career Tips on JobsForHer’s Expert Chats — July

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Mark your calendar for these Expert Chats happening in July

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Ask Me Anything About Your Career

When: July 1st, 12 pm-1 pm 

Mentor: Neeraja Ganesh, Head — JobsForHer Foundation 

Group: Mentor — Neeraja

How to Mobilise Women Entrepreneurs

When: July 8th, 12 pm-1pm

Mentor: Iti Rawat, Founder & Director, Think Hall Academy

Group: Women Entrepreneurs

Tips & Tricks For Your Job Interview

When: July 15th, 11 am-12 pm 

Mentor: Madhumita Venkataraman, HR & DI Professional

Group: Resume Help

You Are Your Own Brand. Start Building It Now

When: July 2nd, 2 pm-3 pm

Mentor: Smitha Hemmigae, Head, Marketing, ThoughtWorks India 

Group: Women Achievers 

Blockchain as an Emerging Technology and Career Prospects

When: July 9th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Shree Sule, Product Development/Consulting, Altimetrik

Group: Women in Tech

Future Career Trends in Technology

When: July 15th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Madhavi Lakkaraju, Director, Information Technology

Group: Women in Software

How To Increase Influence and Visibility As a Woman Leader

When: July 4th, 12 pm-1 pm 

Mentor: Harsha Bhosale, TA Leader

Group: Women Leaders

Ask Me Anything About Accelerating Your Career

When: July 10th, 2 pm-3 pm

Mentor: Smitha Hemmigae, Head, Marketing, ThoughtWorks India

Group: Ambassadors at JobsForHer

Leveraging Technology For Learning

When: July 16th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Sriram, Sr. HR Business Partner, Publicis Sapient

Group: Women in Tech

Building My Career Support System

When: July 5th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Geetha Thiagarajan, Head — HR, Altimetrik Corp

Group: Women Professionals

My Career. My Map

When: July 12th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Geetha Thiagarajan, Head, HR, Altimetrik Corp

Group: Women in HR

Ask Me Anything About Accelerating Your Career

When: July 17th, 12 pm-1pm

Mentor: Malini Kumar, Creative and Business Head - Zest Communication

Group: Restars @JobsForHer

Building a Resume That Will Catch an Employer's Eye

When: July 5th, 2 pm-3 pm

Mentor: Nidhi Bhardwaj, Practice Manager — Implementation, at a leading Management Consulting Firm

Group: Career Motivation


How to Master Your Interview and Get the Job

When: July 17th, 2 pm-3 pm

Mentor: Sandhya Ramesh, Director - HR, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Group: Women Returnees Programmes

How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Career

When: July 18th, 12 pm-1 pm

Mentor: Gowri Mahesh, Co-Founder & COO, Learning Matters Pvt. Ltd.

Group: ReskillHer


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