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  • 15 Apr 2019


Women's March Special

Start. Restart. Rise

JobsForHer expands its commitment to enable women in India to Start, Restart and Rise in their careers


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This Women’s Day JobsForHer expands its commitment to accelerate women’s careers in India by enabling women to start, restart, and rise in their careers. From women who have never worked before but bring a world of experience to the table from the life experiences they have been managing, to women who took a break to look after their families, to women who are driven, ambitious, and focused on rising in their careers. JobsForHer is the only portal in India that is committed to their professional success, no matter their life stage.

Founded in March 2015, the story of JobsForHer is closely associated with the story of its Founder, Neha Bagaria, who is a Wharton alum and restarted her own career after taking a break for 3.6 years.

The motivation behind JobsForHer lies in the dismal statistics surrounding women’s participation in India – over 10 million graduate and post-graduate women in India are currently involved in only domestic duties; Out of 100 college graduates in India today, 40 of them are female, but only 8 of those even enter the workforce, and out of that 4 of them drop out of the workforce within 3 years, which means that only 10% of our urban educated women are pursuing long-term careers in India. It's not surprising then that even though on an average, companies in India start with 30% women at the entry level, that number drops to 10% at the management level and then 1% at the executive level.

On the flip side, the potential for impact is immense.  If we can bring the next 68 million women into the workforce by 2025, India’s GDP can increase by $700 billion, an increase which is unmatched in any other country in the world.  

Over the last four years, JobsForHer has focussed on enabling women to get back to work after taking a break in their careers by connecting them with jobs, reskilling and mentors. With the launch of Community, JobsForHer is now extending that impact to the entire population of working-age women in urban India, while leveraging its powerful technology platform, inspirational communication and multi-stakeholder engagement channels.

“Our vision is to enable women in India to achieve their full potential. Only then can we come closer to our moonshot of having equal participation of women in the Indian workforce; equal participation of women in technology and equal participation of women in leadership roles”, says Neha Bagaria.


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Publication : The Economic Times

Headline : Women's March Special

Published Date : 11/03/2019