It Takes a Village of Support... to Get a Woman Back to Work

  • Neha Bagaria - Founder & CEO, JobsForHer
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  • Back to Work, Founder's Blog
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  • 18 Nov 2017


For every woman here who has restarted her career at some point in her life, possibly multiple times; for every man here who has a wife, a sister, a mother, a friend, who restarted their careers at various points in their lives; for each of you who knows a woman right now, who needs to restart hers... this article is for you.

When a woman makes that life-changing decision to step away from a successful career to look after the needs of her family and those who depend on her, she very often does not also make a comeback plan. And, even if she does, it often, eventually, falls by the wayside. This is because a plethora of factors contribute to that plan’s demise, while a woman is on a career break.

Those factors are the village.

The village that disables her will to restart, the village that tells her she can’t, that tells her she shouldn’t, that tells her it isn’t possible, that tells her it will disrupt her family and emotionally cripple those she loves who depend on her; the village that unwittingly conspires to banish and bury her confidence in a burgeoning mound of negativity, uncertainty, and disheartened rubble.

It is that same village that I am calling on to rally around and begin to start SUPPORTING this woman instead.


She needs the support of:

  • Her husband
  • Her children
  • Her parents
  • Her siblings
  • Her in-laws
  • Her cousins
  • Her neighbours
  • Her buddies
  • Her old co-workers
  • Her social network
  • Her school & college alumni network
  • Her domestic help
  • Her children’s teachers
  • Her children’s caregivers
  • Her children’s friends’ parents
  • Everyone she knows.

That means YOU.

You are her husband, her friend, her sibling, her cousin, her neighbour, her classmate, the parent of her child’s friend, in her social network, in her ex-professional network, in her LIFE.


You are meant to support this woman to enable her will to restart, to tell her that she can, to tell her that she should, to tell her that it IS possible, to tell her how she can figure out along the way the work-life balance that all of us – man or woman – work to maintain on a daily basis; you are meant to build her up again, brick by brick.

And this is how you did.

Diversity-friendly giants of the corporate world and women raring to restart came together under one roof on 16th September for our first flagship event, RestartHer.


It was a day packed with inspiration, encouragement, ideas, thought-leadership, reskilling workshops, a career fair thronging with companies looking to diversify their workforce and scouting this pool of untapped talent to maximise their bottom-lines – everything that a woman needed to map out her career restart journey.

At the conference, which aimed to inspire and enable women to restart their careers for all the right reasons, we curated multiple panels of successful people representing a smorgasbord of industries, company-sizes, skill sets, and life achievements. A few of the companies represented by their leaders were Accenture, EY GDS, Experian, Coca Cola, and IBM.

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