How To Cut Costs By Hiring Women Returnees

  • Neha Bagaria - Founder & CEO, JobsForHer
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  • 13 Nov 2017


There is a mountain of evidence of the benefits of hiring women candidates returning to work after a career break. Companies gain access to an untapped talent pool of fantastic women returnees, raring to go and prove themselves as they plunge back into the workforce. These women have work experience that cannot be discounted just because they took a break from their careers; their reasons for taking a break are all too familiar and completely legitimate. They are most likely the same reasons why your sisters, mothers, and wives stopped working - to look after young children, or ailing parents, or because of marriage.

The very fact that these women are stepping forward to return to work shows dedication and commitment - and companies stand to benefit exponentially and save costs by hiring from this talent pool.

Offer Flexible Jobs

A low-hanging fruit for companies looking to grow their talent pool is to offer flexible jobs. Research has found that more than half of employees, both men and women would appreciate the option of telecommuting or flexi-time, because of the time cost of commuting. In an increasingly fast-paced world where work-life balance has never been more important for employees, flexible jobs can work wonders in retaining employees and cutting costs for your company.

Think about it. When an employee works remotely, the company doesn’t bear the cost of the physical space needed for an employee working from the office. There’s no real estate cost, and no time cost of commuting to work every day.

There are several ways in which jobs at various levels can be templatized to accommodate flexi-time so that the company benefits as much as the employee. Constant monitoring and communication between the employee and her manager is key to a healthy flexible working arrangement.

For example, jobs that involve desk work like computer programming, graphic design, writing or data entry do not need to be done from an office. With the right tools, these sorts of functions are better done remotely than from an office.

Offer Returnee Internships

Many women returnees need some reskilling when they come back to work, depending on the amount of time they’ve been away. Women restarters have proved time and again, their loyalty and unwavering commitment to the companies that hire them. Investing in this talent pool can only be good for your bottom line, ensuring that your work force remains challenged, engaged and happy.

JobsForHer can help your company design a returnee internship programme specifically for women returnees to ramp up and learn the ropes quickly. A returnee programme is similar to an internship programme for recruits fresh out of college. The biggest difference is that women restarters have work experience - they just need some brushing up on what’s changed since they stepped away. The starting block for this talent pool is much further ahead, than for new recruits.

Companies can give women restarters the chance to work with teams on live design projects, to provide a hands-on learning experience. This involves using existing resources within the company to re-train new women returnee recruits, who get to learn on the job.

Offer Volunteer Roles

Volunteering is a great way for a company to dip its toes into the talent pool of women restarters. All of these women have work experience, and can contribute to a range of functions like writing, recruiting, research, marketing and testing, to name a few. Companies also have the opportunity to test the volunteer in the work environment, and assess future recruits.

Volunteers are valuable resources that can do supplemental work. We recommend that you assign work that is not essential to your core business, to volunteers. This allows the space to learn, both for the volunteer and the company. And the best part? Volunteers are a free resource who contribute to your company’s bottom line!

So open your doors to this fantastic talent pool of experienced and qualified women, available at no notice period with JobsForHer! Sign up on our Employer Zone today, and start hiring! And if you’re interested in designing a returnee program tailored to your company, write to us at and let’s get started!