6 Questions That Should Never Be Asked to Job Seekers

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  • 28 May 2019


6 Questions That Should Never Be Asked to Job Seekers

Every interviewer has a set of go-to HR interview questions that they ask every candidate. Basic information is critical for the interviewer to get to know the candidate. Yet, there are many questions that the interviewer should stay clear off.

Here is a list of 6 HR interview questions that should never be asked to any candidate, especially women, as they go to show deep-rooted, unconscious bias.

  1. Are you married?

The marital status of a person should not affect their selection for a job. Most men are not asked this question during an interview; yet, it is commonly asked to women. The common belief is that women might relocate or opt to not continue working. But this is viewed as bias on the part of the HR professional, as such questions are too personal in an interview.

  1. Do you have kids?

Many companies believe that women with children are burdened with family responsibilities and will not, therefore, be committed to the job. Asking a female candidate about the number of kids she has and how old they are, etc., is considered discriminatory.

  1. Where does your spouse work?

The work status of a candidate’s spouse is of little relevance to the interviewer or company. It is unlikely that a man would be asked about his wife’s profession. It is best to stay away from this topic.

  1. Why have you had such a long break?

Each woman goes through life’s stages at a different pace and it is up to the person to decide when she is ready to get back to work. So, it is best to stick to the resume and find out the reason for the break, rather than judge the person for the break.

  1. Do you plan on having more children?

Such questions are a complete no-no. In most countries, there is no legal limit on the number of children a person can have. The availability of a job to a person based on the number of children they plan on having is a huge red flag.

  1. What is your living situation?

Irrespective of whether the candidate is in a nuclear family or is lives with extended family, the living situation is their personal space. The interviewer should never ask questions like, “Who will take care of your children while you are work?” as these will never be asked to a male candidate.

The above questions are the tip of the iceberg. None of the questions are illegal, but they leave the candidate with a bitter taste. There are many positions today that are ear-marked as jobs for women. So, every HR manager should prepare a set of interview questions in advance to avoid goof-ups and stay clear of grey areas.

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