Logo on Homepage

Logo on Homepage

The JobsForHer homepage — the highest-visited page of the portal — is perfect to create traction for your brand. By placing your company logo there, you get:

  • Link to your company page
  • Increase your brand visibility
Featured Employer

Featured Employer

"Showcase your organisation as a diverse and woman-friendly one with:

  • Logo and cover image
  • Links to blogs and events
  • Testimonials and videos
  • Culture and diversity initiatives
  • Women-friendly policies
Hot Jobs

Hot Jobs

Increase the visibility of your jobs with our highly-effective Hot Jobs package. You get:

  • ‘Hot Job’ badge
  • Prioritisation in jobs searches
  • Bundled emailer to a targetted audience
  • Bulk packages available

Take your pick from a package that best meets your needs. Or choose between multiple options to make the most of our discounted rates.

Basic Recruitment Package

Hot Jobs

1 Jobs
30 Days ₹ 1,200
10 Jobs
180 Days ₹ 8,000

Featured Employer

1 Month(s) ₹ 15,000
3 Month(s) ₹ 45,000
6 Month(s) ₹ 70,000

Logo on Homepage

3 Month(s) ₹ 70,000
6 Month(s) ₹ 140,000

Connect with us to get packages customised to your specific needs

Add Ons

  • Featured Mentor

    Professionals from your company - highlighted as Featured Mentors - becomes influencers. They can write guest blogs, get speaking opportunities at events, access follower's information and prioritisation in mentor searches.

  • Expert Chat

    Expert chats, where you can engage with professional women in our online community.

  • Meet and Greet

    Meet and Greet with top female talent in your city, who you can hire on the spot.

  • Sensitization Workshop

    Equip your HR team with tools to rightsource top female talent through Sensitization Workshops.

  • Banner

    Your company banner gets priority, by being highlighted across our online pages, groups and on social media.

  • Sponsor JobsForHer Flagship events

    Get sponsor mentions at JobsForHer Flagship events, such as RecruitHer, HerRising and ThinkHERthon.

  • Content Accelerators

    Feature your company across our many platforms - in blogs, through video shares and through posts on social media.

  • Dedicated Emailer

    Get information about your company, its policies and job openings sent to over 2 million women at regular intervals through dedicated emailers.