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(to over 3 lakh montly visitors coming to JobsForHer) that showcase your company best to the thousands of women browsing it for their careers every hour.

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Featured Employer

JobsForHer puts the focus on your company's diversity initiatives and highlights women-friendly policies through our content, which brands you to 1 million+ professional women across India

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Hot Jobs

Your jobs get priority listing on our portal, advertised at the top of the page, doubling your chances of great applications from top female talent.

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Basic Recruitment Package

Hot Jobs

1 Jobs
1 month ₹ 1,200
5 Jobs
3 months ₹ 5,000
10 Jobs
6 months ₹ 8,000

Featured Employer

1 month ₹ 15,000
3 months ₹ 45,000
6 months ₹ 80,000

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1 month ₹ 25,000
3 months ₹ 75,000
6 months ₹ 140,000

Premium Add-ons come with a range of benefits:
Add Ons

  • Featured Mentor

    Professionals from your company - highlighted as Featured Mentors - becomes influencers. They can write guest blogs, get speaking opportunities at events, access follower's information and prioritisation in mentor searches.

  • Expert Chat

    Expert chats, where you can engage with professional women in our online community.

  • Meet and Greet

    Meet and Greet with top female talent in your city, who you can hire on the spot.

  • Sensitization Workshop

    Equip your HR team with tools to rightsource top female talent through Sensitization Workshops.

  • Banner

    Your company banner gets priority, by being highlighted across our online pages, groups and on social media.

  • Sponsor JobsForHer Flagship events

    Get sponsor mentions at JobsForHer Flagship events, such as RecruitHer, HerRising and ThinkHERthon.

  • Content Accelerators

    Feature your company across our many platforms - in blogs, through video shares and through posts on social media.

  • Dedicated Emailer

    Get information about your company, its policies and job openings sent to over 1.7 million women at regular intervals through dedicated emailers.