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About Us

We believe Happy physicians make Healthy patients – it is this belief that drives us as an organization. To truly fulfil this belief, if we are to make solutions that reach out to patients everywhere, the makers of these solutions i.e. our employees NEED to empathize and understand the end user deeply.

For us, there cannot be a stronger business case for Diversity! The more diverse we are, the better we represent our end user – the patient community!

Our employee feedback mechanisms have driven some pertinent and quick changes for us - changing company policy on hotel accommodations, updating our policies to be more inclusive for transgender people, revamping our website to accommodate for people with visual disabilities.

At BDC our approach to Diversity has always been to ensure the impetus is thrust upon Inclusion. Conscious, small yet meaningful, steps to eliminate bias manifest into a larger culture of equitability and inclusivity.

The key to ensuring Inclusivity is to be able to apply discretion on where to use a targeted approach and when to be inclusive. For instance, our Recruitment events may be targeted, but our process is inclusive. Similarly, some flexible policies may be more “used” by women (like Work-from-Home) but the applicability is uniform to all employees.

A focus on SKILLS
Standardized recruitment process and a calibrated set of panelists focused on Skills rather than Candidate – the hiring process holds objectivity and equal opportunities for all (not just in terms of gender but also other demographics)
The same skills-centric approach defines our career development and Talent Management frameworks as is evidenced by the very healthy gender diversity in our local top leadership team!

Focus on all instead of targeted benefit to only a section of the employees
Policy revisions based on employee feedback through a constantly iterative, extremely inclusive process – For instance: Work from home flexibility for all, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm general shift to maximize “family time” – all changes based on employee feedback
We have Creche associations to enable childcare. Also, we are moving towards a culture of men & women bringing kids in to work anytime based on need, without assigning “days” for such visits

Company Details

Industry IT-Software/Software Services
Size 1001-5000
Established In 1974
No active job openings

Culture of Ownership & Collaboration
Working Hours: The choice is on the employee to select their working shift during the general shift. This culture of providing ownership on something as individually-driven as the schedule for the day is a huge “wow” in our employee experience
Alternate models of employment: Look at the skill, not the person – something we are living by. We do have remote workers and gig workers whose skill-set, and the “virtual” connect drive their association with us.
Zero tolerance for harassment of any form.
The focus is on celebrations – not for a particular group or sub-section of employees. For instance: We did celebrate International Women’s Day, but the greetings, events and day’s proceedings were for both men & women.

ERGs in India

Locally named “Champions” for each ERG covering Women in Tech, Millennials, Working Parents and Cultural diversity groups
Gender ratio of local champions = 50% and the Champion for “Working Parents” group is a male employee, contrary to common perception ☺

Women friendly policies

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