Three Things to be Grateful for During your Career Break

  • Ujwala Thirumurthy
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  • 24 Nov 2017


Today, I want to urge you to keep aside whatever you may be doing just for a few minutes, sit quietly as you read this, and backtrack a few years. Jog your memory.

Flashback to the time you were in a job that you loved, the time you spent with your colleagues, the amazing reviews you got from your managers.

Flashback to the time you came home exhausted after a long, hard day at work, but still had the energy for a roaring start the next morning.

And finally, flashback to the time you decided to leave your well-paying, awesome job. 

Think about why you decided to quit.

a) Did you have a baby to take care of?

b) Were you over-worked?

c) Did you need to devote time to care for the elderly in your family? 

d) Did you re-locate?

e) Did you want to pursue higher studies?

Now, think about how you felt when you quit.


At peace?


Cut to the present.

Two years into your career break.

How do you feel now?




Have you wondered why?

When you took that break, you were excited to spend all of your time with your baby, you were relieved that you could give all your attention to your ailing family members, you were chuffed about not having to work overtime anymore, you were nervous AND happy to be moving to a new city/country.....

But now, you find yourself complaining, criticizing, and over-compromising.  


Here are three things to be grateful for (again) during your career break:

1) Time

There is no running away from the fact that TIME is EVERYTHING. It is the ONLY thing that can provide you with everything if you only put it to wise use. 

Time spent with your loved ones is something to cherish. Make every day filled with love, and laughter. No one ever remembers the sad moments if they're outwritten by the happy ones. Take plenty of pictures. Do crazy stuff with your children. Tell them that you're happy when they're happy. Tell them that your career break is worth it BECAUSE of them. Things change when you open up your heart and SAY things!

2) More time!

I know we always have excuses for not finding time for ourselves. But, you must!

Get that ME-time. Do it for YOU. This is not just about ANYBODY. Live for you. Honor you. Be proud of what you've done so far. A career break is a big decision, but you took it because you knew you CAN and WILL get back to work someday. Respect that decision. Give yourself the time you need. Never lose sight of you! 

If you're going through a bad phase in your relationship, if you're nursing yourself back to health, if things just don't seem right, don't worry, time will heal it all.

Spend a few minutes of meditation...spend a few minutes to be thankful for the gift of time! 

3) Some more time...

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the PRESENT"! 

The problem with us humans is that we realize ALL of this, but never DO anything to make it happen. We spend endless hours talking about how we were so happy when we had a job that gave us independence, we complain about how stressful our lives are now despite having no job to go to, we over compromise thinking it will do us good. 

Unfortunately, it does not.

Time to re-think. Time to get down to basics. 

Time to pull up your socks and get down to work.

If you're looking to restart your career soon, then it would be wise to take tiny steps each day in that direction. 

Research, read, network, or sign up for courses. Do anything that will take you one inch closer to your career re-start. 

Time is all you have. 

When it comes to a career break, remember, "this too shall pass". 

And we'll help you get through it.

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