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ThoughtWorks is a quarter of a century old and is predicting a 20% growth, year on year, in INDIA.

With its 5000+ employees spread across 41 offices in 14 countries, ThoughtWorks uses a data-driven digital approach to further the ambitious missions of enterprises across the world. Alongside the company’s business focus, ThoughtWorks places a high value on “the passion of its people”. This is a passion for social and economic justice and is what drives the way the employees work together, the projects and clients ThoughtWorks works on, their hiring process, and their career growth.

ThoughtWorks’ own ambitious mission is for its unique brand of creative technology to effect real change for society and humanity.

Interestingly, the company’s message to all technologists is: If you love solving big, complex problems that challenge your brain and build your skills. If you want to be part of a tech community, not just work for a tech company. If you care about doing the right thing – to solve the problems at hand, but also for society. If you are curious, honest, tenacious (and nice). You'll like it here.

In line with this approach to everything they do, something that ThoughtWorks is passionately working towards is gender diversity in technology:

  • The Anita Borg Institute has named ThoughtWorks to their list of Top Companies for Women Technologists, twice
  • ThoughtWorks has been featured among the Top 100 Best Companies for Women in India by Avtar

Inclusivity at ThoughtWorks:


Why ThoughtWorks is the Place that Women in Technology should Return to Work

Their people & culture talk about how the company is intolerant of intolerance. Every day, ThoughtWorkers strive to ensure the company is a welcoming place for people across a spectrum of abilities, age, appearance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and, sexual orientation. It’s not lip service because ThoughtWorkers know that consistent effort is what can create an inclusive work environment.

Over the years, the company has recognized certain aspects of the work environment that go a long way in encouraging women to continue being a part of the IT community.

These include everything from giving women unbiased opportunities to learn and grow, to crafting adequate support systems at work, to helping women integrate their work and personal life seamlessly.

ThoughtWorks India, in particular, has been experimenting with and bettering initiatives crafted for women in the tech to help them engage and work with a more diverse and inclusive community of technologists.


The award-winning campaign #TalkTechToHer is one such initiative that is directed towards women in technology who have more than 6 years of work experience. The campaign aims to create better careers paths and opportunities for senior women technologists and encourage them to take up long-term technology roles that align with the women’s career goals.

The back-to-work program Vapasi provides a platform for women developers on career breaks to restart their careers through hands-on training sessions. Both these initiatives intend to elevate the conversation around inclusivity and drive home an important message - women can achieve as much as men or more when they are presented with the opportunities without the biases.

Get YOUR ThoughtWorks Journey Started:

Whether you know exactly you’re looking for, or if you are open to experimenting within a supportive environment, ThoughtWorks is a pretty cool place to work.

The ThoughtWorks Interview:

Follow ThoughtWorks on JobsForHer! They are a friendly team and more than happy to connect with you.

Their India offices are always hosting various technology events, workshops and bootcamps designed for women on a break and hoping to get back to the world of technology.

Explore their open jobs on JobsForHer to browse by region and apply.

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