There’s A Bangalore Company That’s Hiring Women Returnees... And Here’s Why

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  • 02 Jun 2015


One would be hard-pressed to find a person who does not remember the women in their families as hardworking – whether at home or pursuing a career. Women run marathons every single day – some days they win, most days they collapse with exhaustion; but every day they get right back up and do it again. Knowing this, there are companies who are breaking the mould, leading by example and championing the rationale that hiring women makes perfect sense to drive their bottom line.

Right up front in Bangalore now, is SmartOwner. SmartOwner is a pioneering company that has created a platform to enable people to access high-value assets in amounts as flexible as their portfolios. People across the globe can invest in Indian real-estate at the click of a button, in amounts as low as 25% of the property’s per-square-foot price, and manage their portfolio completely online with the support of a team of renowned professionals, whose aim is to make ownership a safe and profitable experience. According to Diana Mathew, Head of HR at SmartOwner, “We believe in hiring the best.  And for that, we do not evaluate candidates based on their qualifications and experience, instead we purely hire on the basis of their IQ, ability to communicate, whether it be written or oral.. At SmartOwner, being talented is as important as having values of integrity, judgment and ownership.  Owing to the well-rounded complete individuals that we are looking out for, our  recruiting process is quite time consuming. We usually end up hiring a small fraction of all applicants we interview..  So imagine our surprise when in a mere two months since launch, JobsForHer has managed to send us numerous well-qualified candidates for job openings ranging from Manager—Operations, to Manager—Sales, to Office Managers. 

And the success rate has been one that we have not previously witnessed.” One such candidate was Sucharitha Raju. She had 10 years of experience in Accounting and Finance under her belt and then decided to take a break to look after her grandmother who had cancer.  She was out of the workforce for 9 months. Fortuitously, she met Neha Bagaria, the founder of, at a networking event. Buoyed by the fact that someone out there realized the potential of women like her who might have taken a break in their career but still had what it took for a high-performing job, she created her profile with them the next day. She applied for several positions, one of which was an opening at SmartOwner. Fast-forwarding – Sucharitha passed SmartOwner’s assessments with flying colours and joined them a week after being shortlisted (another brilliant benefit of hiring women returnees – no notice period!). She is now a proud member of the SmartOwner team, as a Manager—Sales.  What’s more - not only did she manage to hit the ground running as a full-time employee after a 9-month hiatus, but she broke all records by closing a high-value sale in her very first week.

SmartOwner is committed to creating a work environment that is conducive to women like Sucharitha who want to get back to work, because they strongly believe that women do not suddenly lose their skills and competence just because they took a conscious, well-reasoned, voluntary break.  They also provide several part-time opportunities for women who wish to work for 4-6 hours a day, depending on their family commitments.  In addition, they provide several incentive-based packages that reward employees on deliverables, not face-time. These are all options that career-break-women find immensely appealing. They allow the best of both worlds, without compromising on either. I must say that whatever you are doing there is working just perfectly for us,” said Diana Mathew in an email to Neha Bagaria. “Having tried multiple portals and placement agencies unsuccessfully, we decided to try our luck with JobsForHer – after all, there was no downside with the free listing services and the fact that we only received resumes of interested and suitable candidates, also free of cost. The quality of resumes we are receiving has astonished us.” Fuelled by these positive experiences,

SmartOwner has decided to open up all their job-offers to JobsForHer candidates ranging from full-time to part-time opportunities, in a variety of functions – from sales to operations to graphic designing and content writing.

So, if you have the right attitude and the right aptitude, register for SmartOwner’s Walk-in Interview Day on June 13th - they have several job openings which you can view here. Do pass along the message to other high-calibre women looking to start, restart, or rise in their careers.  

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