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  • 14 Apr 2016

“Travel is the best learning a child can get, especially when their teacher is his or her mom.”

This is what Prachi Kagzi, Founder of Little Passports, innately believes. Which may explain why and how after a 7-year stint in a corporate career, Prachi decided to pursue her true fervor. Today, not only is Prachi married to a man who shares her travel passion in equal measure, she is also mother to a 3-year old.

woman holding oysterThe travel bug has been Prachi’s most loyal companion since her childhood. In the 80’s, an era where people didn’t exactly take to travel as a hobby, her non-conformist parents had multiple itineraries (with/out kids) lined up, to the most exotic locales, some of which were Mexico, the Greek Isles and Papua New Guinea, among others! This kind of exposure broadened Prachi’s outlook toward varied destinations, diverse cultures, “glocal” foods and more. All of a sudden, she found herself immersed in a parallel universe of travel. Not only was Prachi researching new, unheard of destinations, but also beginning to travel independently. Whilst her friends were always ‘settling’ for places like ‘Paris’ and ‘Zurich’, she was trying to get them to picture the random beauty of a quaint town or village with local atrocities.

Prachi had always been certain about the legacy she wished to leave behind, and that’s how her young one made his very first trip alongside them to China even before he could read or write! It was then that many an eager mum expressed their keenness to taste wanderlust with their children as well.

That is how ‘Little Passports’ was conceived.lit pass 3

Breaking new ground, ‘Little Passports’ is the first of its kind in Curated Travel for Children between the ages of 3 to 15. Educative by nature, the tours are thoughtfully planned around common holidays. They are designed to be age-appropriate and center around the motto, ‘learning by doing’. The activities planned are proactive, as per the energy levels of the children involved.


lit pass 2

The way Prachi sees it children are enriched and nourished in unimaginable ways through their experiences in travel. In fact, according to a study by the Education Department in the U.S., kids who traveled did far better in their reading, math, and general knowledge, as opposed to those who didn’t! The reason being, travel is a valuable contributor towards a child’s cognitive growth and stimulates their sense of wonderment. Through their tours, not only does ‘Little Passports’ envision hassle free  parent-child bonding, but also self-sufficient children, capable of handling adversities lying ahead of them.

Their most recent trip was to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, which covered some fascinating activities such as a guided nature-walk with a naturalist, a safari and stargazing! The prices range from Rs 25,000 for two nights on a mom-and-kid sharing basis and can go up to Rs 1 lakh for overseas trips.

dog sledding

China was their most recent international destination, and as if that weren’t appealing enough, their next (absolutely breathtaking) fiesta in December, is to Slovakia! The itinerary planned has exceptional activities such as Snow Boarding, Dog Sledding and Building Your Own Igloo! (We’re pretty sure we’ve got you going by now!).When Prachi was asked what her tip for balancing work and personal life was, this is what she had to say:



mom n son“Being my own boss helps! I leave work to be with my son from late afternoon and fortunately for us, since technology has made our world smaller, my phone itself is an office-on-the-go! Above all, the key for me is to not feel guilty about being a working mom, and I come back to my son with a renewed sense of spirit after a fulfilling day at work.’’

Her advice to all women restarting their careers is:

The thought of restarting your career itself bears the snowball effect. All you have to do is get inspired, and several pronoiac forces will help you get there – JobsForHer being in the forefront!’’ 

If you agree with Prachi Kagzi, then come find your calling with us! Simply log onto, create a profile, and submit your resume, TODAY.

Prachi KagziPrachi Kagzi, hip mompreneur and founder of Little Passports, was born and brought up in New Delhi. During her years of education, she studied (the works!) Business, Fashion, Photography, and Contemporary Dance. Prachi is a post graduate with an MBA (Strategy & Finance) from the U.K. Under her immensely experienced belt of work, she has managed a treasury, been an investment banker, and run a plastic manufacturing company exporting material to top international retail chains. After a short break, Prachi is now here to stay!

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