The One Thing All These Working Women Had in Common...

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  • 08 May 2016

Five different women, from five different parts of the city, were interviewed for the same position - VP Marketing & Operations - and asked to describe the key strengths they brought to the role based on what they had picked up in their current job.

Two department heads of two industry giants - Sapient & Babyoye - also reviewed their resume for this role and were stunned by their exceptional track record and skill set.

Sample Resume of a Mother

Their lives couldn't be more different, their workplaces more diversified, but the one thing they have in common will bring a happy smile to your face, today!

Take a look...

The One Thing All These Working Women had in Common

Motherhood is the world's best job with a better learning curve than almost any other... 

#Mother's Day   #WorkingWomenAlsoMothers

Happy Mother's Day from JobsForHer!


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