The Barclays Gender Agenda: Their Strategy and Why it Works

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  • 22 Feb 2018


The Barclays Gender Agenda focuses on engaging women and men across their organization to attract, develop, and retain women at all levels. 

Research has shown that leadership teams with greater diversity, particularly gender, develop better solutions and foster a more open, collaborative environment.

The bank is committed to making this a reality across the organization.

Programmes like:

  • International Women's Day,
  • The Barclays Global Women in Leadership Forum,
  • Sponsorship and Mentoring initiatives, and
  • their WIN Networks (which include women and men who recognize the business benefits that gender equality fosters)...

...enable them to support the considerable achievements of talented women across their business.

In addition, they also support a number of external gender sponsorships such as Catalyst, EveryWoman, and Women in Banking and Finance.


Listening Groups:

This is a forum of individuals who have shared an interest in gender in Barclays, who come together to discuss progress and new ideas for the future shape and strategy of the Gender Agenda. Working groups are created as a result of the outcomes from Listening Groups, and these bring to life the agreed actions and outputs.

Win, the Gender Network: This network is committed to supporting women throughout their career at Barclays. Colleagues can join Win to benefit from mentoring, seminars, and networking opportunities. Win is dedicated to increase representation and decrease turnover of women at all levels in the organisation.

It has the highest membership of all Barclays networks globally.

Working Families’ Network: This network of working parents and carers is focused on making Barclays the employer of choice for working families by providing a supportive network for Barclays colleagues who are parents, parents-to-be, or carers, and to help with the challenges of balancing family, life, and work.

Barclays also offers a range of other diversity networks including LGBT, disability and mental health, military service, and multicultural networks available to colleagues globally.

HeForShe: HeForShe is a United Nations' global campaign to engage one billion men in the advancement of women’s rights. Barclays in partnership with the UN are calling on male colleagues to become active participants in the HeForShe campaign and the Win, the gender network.

Dynamic Working:

Helping Barclays colleagues around the world integrate work and life more effectively.

Anyone can request it, giving colleagues the opportunity to define how they work their life. Dynamic working is the next evolution of flexible working. You could also opt for other types of Dynamic Working - taking time out to volunteer, working from a remote location within your geography of employment or working with your line manager to agree on a work pattern that works best for the role and you.

Are YOU ready to restart? Restart with Barclays. They've been doing gender diversity right and they're 325 years old. You don't get there without being progressive and open to change.

Ready. Set. 



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