The 24/7 Work Culture is affecting Fathers too

  • Neha
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  • Working Women
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  • 01 Jun 2015
“Last year was hard with my 105 flights. I was feeling pretty fried. I’ve missed too much of my kids’ lives.” That’s a father talking and research is finding that family-friendly workplace policies could make a huge difference in the lives of men, too. When women take a break in their careers to focus on family, whether there are issues or not, it gives you a chance to step back, reflect and return to the workforce renewed and revitalized by your time away. So take that break whenever it’s offered! This article quotes statistics for American workers; however, it is common knowledge that working hours in India, for the average worker, far exceed those numbers. A normal work-week for us is 6 days, and a normal work-day is anywhere between 9-10 hours, versus the 5-day week and 8-hour workday in Western countries. To read more about the research being done in this area, trying to show firms that their policies need changing for happier, more productive workers who are given appropriate time to spend with their families, go here:

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