She Restarts After a Wait of 4.5 Years

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  • 02 Apr 2019


Sruthi Prasad came back to work after a wait of 4.5 years. And she has a story to tell.

“I took a break in 2012 when we relocated to the USA for my husband's on-site opportunity. I was working as a Test Engineer then. But I’d never imagined that a come back would be this hard!

On relocating, I began looking for a job. But Visa constraints would not let me through. During that time god gifted me with a baby girl. I didn’t want to leave my young one at daycare or with a nanny. So, I decided to stay home at least until she was 3.

Incidentally, my visa too expired. So, I had to return to India. When my daughter turned 3, my job hunt resumed. It was the toughest phase of my life. I had constant rejections because recruiters would notice a career gap. They would not even ask the reason for taking one.

I became depressed and hopeless. My family then suggested that I upskill. My mom stepped in to care for my daughter and I began my MBA. It was very, very hard. But I did well, and all my efforts paid off when I received a job offer by the end.

I’m joining Homatico as an Operations Manager, and I cannot be more thankful to God for helping me get back. For all those looking to return, it's very important to reskill as per industry requirements.”


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