Restarting your Career? Here's Everything you Need to Know about Machine Learning

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  • 02 May 2018


Introduced to the world by Arthur Samuel in 1959, machine learning is one of the most intriguing concepts invented by humankind. Let us first get a clear picture of the concept of machine learning (ML). Thousands of codes make various computer programs. So, it is expected that the computer will not perform any function outside of the given set of instructions.

However, the programs adjust to the user even though the given function is not a part of its codes. A relatable example of this is that when we show a response to a particular post on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, we are shown more content of that type in the form of recommendations. How is this possible? Only through the concept of machine learning.

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Why is ML an exciting technology?

 The explanation to this is based on a simple psychological fact that humans are awed by something that changes according to requirements. Just like the air conditioners switching on-off according to the set temperature, anything that changes and adapts itself to our needs is highly welcome and sought after.

Machine learning is based on the idea of prediction analysis. The keywords which are searched the most, the images which are liked and commented on the maximum number of times, all of these are analyzed and noted and then presented to us as an adaptable feature of the program.


How cool is this?

We all know about artificial intelligence. This is another great concept. Let us consider a scenario. You go for online shopping, and you like a specific product. However, some part of that product makes it unsuitable to buy it.

Due to the boon of machine learning, you are soon presented with an array of products similar to the one you just viewed. Who knows, you might find the perfect product for you from those recommendations.

Machine learning helps us explore our options to the fullest. The recommendation engines make full use of machine learning to deliver the best to us.

Another really cool application of machine learning is categorizing data into categories. An example of this is the division of songs, movies, podcasts, etc. into multiple genres to make it easy for you to browse through them and pick your choice. This application of machine learning is a classic example of simplification and reduction of human effort. 

Due to its extreme versatility and convenience, machine learning is now being incorporated more and more into various projects and applications. There has been a recent upsurge in voice identification systems by Google, Apple, Alexa by Amazon and many more. It is an extremely convenient system and an exciting one as well.

Machine learning is an epitome of human and machine interaction. A smart human brain has produced an even more intelligent database.

 Machine learning has proved its capability in every field including problem-solving. It has simplified the lives of computer programmers tremendously. There is no need to create a new circuit for each issue. It is so much more straightforward and more manageable. It also consumes less time.

The idea of creating an artificial intelligence which is the replica of the human brain is something which never fails to intrigue us. Adaptability and learning from past experiences are one of the most significant traits present in humans. It is something which even animals lack. Machine learning is the blueprint to achieve that level of excellence.


Not only for commoners, but machine learning is also a very powerful tool for people aspiring to create careers in data analysis. The process of deriving observations from raw and uncategorized data is a tedious task in itself.

It involves a series of steps, is time-consuming and subject to many errors. With the introduction of machine learning, the effort has been reduced, and the results have become precise and accurate. When the collection, classification, and data analysis become accurate, many other things fall into place automatically. It impacts so many fields, directly as well as indirectly.

 Machine learning is subjective and individualized. It gives a personal touch to many people at the same time across the globe. It figures out what exactly our needs are and then presents solutions accordingly.

This is one of the main reasons for its popularity in all sectors- business, technology and social media. Wherever the human brain touches its maximum capability, machine learning takes over from that very point.

There are many more aspects of machine learning yet unexplored. It is a mine of diamonds which we will have to dig deeper and explore more, beyond the boundaries to discover more benefits.

Slowly, but definitely, this concept will provide us many more benefits which are yet beyond the human imagination.

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