Relocation. Motherhood. Yet, Back to Work with a Bang

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  • 04 Apr 2019


"My journey started in 2006. I got recruited as a Software Engineer in Satyam, through campus placement.

A five-year break in 2013 due to a relocation for my husband’s career, and then a daughter, put a temporary halt to my career as a Marketing Analyst.
But my roles as an officer’s wife and a mother helped me build new perspectives.

In late 2017 an opportunity came knocking when we were moving to Chennai. I started mapping out a clear strategy to re-launch myself and make myself relevant. A 90-day plan helped me finish my certifications, spruce up my resume, and re-brand myself.
And within four months of job hunting, I got my calling in the role I wanted – a Digital Marketing Analyst.

The corporate ecosystem currently is very conducive for women to restart their careers. If a re-starter is aware of the value she brings to an organization, nothing can stop her from getting the role she wants. Be gritty, be intentional".

Ruby Mathews endeavored to one thing. To stay the course of her passion. Her career.


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