Reinventing her career (several times) to match her dreams.

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  • 23 May 2019


Today, there is no dearth for careers for women.
And with 16 years of experience backing her, Sahana Ravindranath - Executive Coach and Organisational Transformation Consultant for Antaryan is the exemplar we all want to learn from.

Breaking stereotypes, she reinvented her career, time and time again.
Business Analyst to Project Lead, Organisational Consultant to Executive Coach. She navigated her roles without prejudice.

"One of my biggest challenges was the lack of a mentor in my early work years. But, my manager in the year 2013, a fantastic coach, had a big impact on my career. Under him, I developed as a consultant and a coach very quickly. Also, like-minded folk at work and outside, helped me build a good network and support system to enhance my skills.

Upskilling myself each time to take up new roles, putting in personal time to develop those skills (like learning French), brought in new opportunities. Parallelly, I worked on my inner self, exploring spirituality and yoga, which reflected on all other areas of my life." Sahana shares.

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