On Remote Jobs and Being a Mother – from a Telecommuting Parent (#BlogathonForMums)

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This entry is part of the Babyoye Blogathon for Mums.

UNESCO defines Globalisation as “the ongoing process that is linking people, neighbourhoods, cities, regions and countries much more closely together than they have ever been before.” For me it is my freedom to work from any remote location, whenever I want, without feeling guilty that I am missing out on my son’s childhood. Though in reality it means I have two jobs, bringing up my son being the more important one.

Is it easy then? No, it is not! But then, nothing comes easy in this world. I never really thought of having a career when I opted to do my Master’s. Teaching was an easy choice, still is for many women in our country. Moreover, a change of location, a country and a continent, after marriage made everything uncertain. So when an opportunity came my way to freelance, I had no expectations, only a desire to prove to myself that I can.

Over the years it materialised into a stable job. And I have been moving in and out of the country, changing cities within the country so many times, always grateful that I could work from any corner of the world. Finding a remote job is not easy. Most companies would prefer their employees to work from base location. But truth is there are many jobs that can be completely done from home.

Many companies are embracing this new trend, many are not. The main challenge to find an online job is to make sure that the job posting is real, the company is not a fraud and they pay what they had promised at the end of the month.

Once a good opportunity is found, establish some work ethics. When in home and working it is important to limit visitors, phone calls during work time. Follow a routine everyday in order to reach deadlines and complete work in stipulated time. This will also help in not doing overtimes later. Keep time for family and work separated and always strike a balance in order to have a content life.

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