"Not for you. For me." - Why Women Need to Work

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  • 26 Aug 2015

The JobsForHer vision is what keeps us going every day because each one of us on our team is a career-break woman who returned to work to find her work-life rhythm - independent of anyone or anything else. We enjoy our many avatars as women, and working at a job that earns us money and fulfils our intellectual hunger for personal growth, is one of them.

This short film by Deva Katta - "Dying to Be Me" - resonated so deeply with our Independence Day campaign for this year - #HappyFinancialIndependenceDay - that we had to share it. Every woman who watches this will nod her head in agreement and shake her head in complicit woe if they have ever worked and are waiting to return to it after a break in their career.


If you enjoyed the film and want to start your career or return to the career that fulfilled you before you had to step away from it to care for your family or yourself, begin by attending this sensational book-launch event that we are hosting next week:

"Can I Have It All?"

by Anuranjita Kumar, MD & CHRO - Citibank South Asia

September 3rd, at Time Inc. India's offices, Marathahalli

Moderated by Sejah Gulati - MD & President, Time Inc. India

To learn more about the event, go here:

To register your attendance (for the LIMITED seats that are going fast!),

go here:



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