My passion for RADIO made me return. I used to eat, sleep, drink, breathe MUSIC

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  • 27 Jun 2019


Radio jockey Ruchi Amarpuri stepped off the career wheel when she had marriage, relocation and motherhood calling. But she never took her eyes off her career aspirations.

Today, 6.5 years later, she is excited as hell going back to work with Radiowalla as RJ & Producer. 

“As change is the law of nature and in everyone’s life, sometime or the other one has to ‘settle down’. In 2012 I got engaged, and in 2013 I left my job to relocate to Bangalore for marriage. Then in 2014, I was blessed with a son who is now of 4.9 years. I knew then that my priority is my family, my son. 

1. How long was your break, Ruchi?

It was 7 years long. 

2. What got you to return to work?

“My passion for RADIO made me return. I used to eat, sleep, drink, breathe MUSIC!”

3. What were the challenges along the way, and what does it feel like to be back?

This field has lots of challenges as the language, being local and the basic is most important. My family has always supported me but getting my child ready for my restart was a challenge. But he happily gave his consent when I got this opportunity!

It feels awesome to be back in the same field; to pursue your passion for a career. I felt so complete while signing the offer letter (had goose-bumps!). The vacuum now seems to be filling up. I have regained my self-confidence.

I have found MYSELF again.

To get through her working day, she leaves behind her inhibitions and an adorable 5-year-old in the care of his grandparents.

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