Mother of a 3-year old Restarts

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  • 05 Apr 2019


Our old-as-gold JobsForHer Ambassador, Pompi Mazumdar restarted her career after a 4.5-year break, as an Asst. HR Manager at Prime Focus Technologies.

Through grit and gumption, this woman did not leave a single opportunity untapped, in her efforts to a restart.

May your perseverance continue to be your source of strength forever, Pompi!


To start afresh, find your way back, or rise through the ranks of your career, go HERE 

If you'd like to listen in to all the little things that could've possibly stopped Pompi from restarting her career, tune into her difficult conversation below:


She was also part of our loved Restar Panel at our flagship event - RestartHer 2018 in Bangalore. 

WATCH and LISTEN to all that she had to share about her career journey.

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