Lucky Yaar, You Get TWO months Off!

  • Priyanka Ganapathy
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  • 08 Sep 2016


When you’ve worked in Education for as long as you have, you’re subjected to MANY misguided generalisations about what you do.

Put up your hand if you’ve heard this “ So lucky yaar, you get so many holidays a year”.

Keep your hand up if you’ve wanted to physically hurt the person saying this!

Taking a career break is subject to similar inaccurate perceptions. While you can figure out your way back to the workforce at the JFHEduDrive 2016, we are chronicling the TOP ANNOYING EXPERIENCES of someone in the field of Education. Keep Calm and Come Back to School!

  1. 1. When you catch a student chewing gum, and they think they’ve gotten away with it.


  1. 2. When you tell a parent, their kid is NOT the combination of Einstein & Hrithik Roshan.


  1. 3. When you inform show-off Sharma-ji from next door about the Pay Scale Revisions under the 6th PAY COMMISSION.


  1. 4. When you can NEVER socialise late on a weekday, because 'Hello, got to be at work by 7 a.m!'


  1. 5. When the Last Bell rings, and EVERYONE around gets a glimpse of your 'wild' side


  1. 6. When they announce you have to ‘Finish the syllabus’ on a WEEKEND, because of Strike/ Bad Weather/ Unexpected Holiday.
  4. 7. When everyone expects you to be a NOBLE, EDUCATOR-TYPE like Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Pe, but you’re actually thinking about another Aamir movie.
  6. Calling Teachers, Administrators… Educators!


  1. Come back to Work to set the record straight.
  2. All that is inspiring, challenging, maddening and humbling about working in Education is a part of YOUR life story and this September, JobsForHer focuses on bringing YOU back to the workspace. 
Start, Restart and Rise in YOUR career with a selection of Jobs in Education around the country.
  2. Break the Rule, Come Back To School.


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