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  • 26 Feb 2016

We had an exceptionally successful, first ever JobsForHer Ambassador Offline Meetup last month! The turnout far surpassed our expectations and the women we met brought us so much hope and joy for the future of women who want to restart their careers in Bangalore!

We are pumped about what this means for our mission – reversing female brain-drain for the Indian workforce – and how the women who have chosen to become JFH Ambassadors are going to circulate and percolate that mission within their own networks of women across the city. We are going to do this, and we’re going to do it TOGETHER – women for women, building each other up, and pushing each other forward and onward, in the ways we know best!

Our guest speaker for the event – Madhumita Venkataraman,  Associate Director of HR at Snapdeal – spoke to those in attendance about careers in HR across industries and some of the myths associated with that line of work.

"It is a myth that HR is a work from home job. I work from home maybe ONCE a year! Because people need to SEE you. And if they don't see you, you can call yourself an HR person, but really what HR are you doing?"
- Madhumitha Venkataraman
Associate Director, Human Resources, Snapdeal


Madhumita also spoke about the different areas of work that are available in the HR industry, as well as courses that career-break women could take to upskill themselves for a job in HR.

After she spoke there was a general mixer where women could speak to her specifically about their job-hunt and their concerns with regard to restarting their careers.

We hope to host many, many more of these Ambassador meetups for women on a career-break and are really looking forward to our RESTARTER MEETUP TOMORROW for women to exchange lighthearted personal stories and journeys related to recently restarting one's career. There will also be an expert there to listen to us share our stories, and guide us on issues related to work-home/life balance!

If you've recently restarted your career and would like to meet us to chitchat over a coffee, REGISTER your attendance for the Restarter Meetup HERE!

And, if you'd like to become a JFH Ambassador, please apply for your city - Mumbai or Bangalore - by creating a profile and adding your resume to it, TODAY!

Ambassadors get exclusive access to mentors who would take the time to mentor women who want to restart their career. They will also receive a Career Restarter Kit that we will send to every JFH Ambassador. Madhumita herself said that she would like to mentor JFH Ambassadors, down the road!


If you’re looking to start your career, or for new and exciting roles to showcase the skills you’ve gained along your professional and personal journey, you can find them at Create your profile, upload your resume and start job-hunting today!

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