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  • 10 Aug 2015


There is a disconnect in the Indian economy between the millions of educated, qualified, and work-experienced women who took a break in their careers for various compelling reasons and the companies that need them to return and are reaching out to gain access to them, looking for the perfect fit. On Women’s Day 2015, was born to bridge this gap and help Indian women enter the careers that fulfilled them before life asked them to step away.

Here are a few of the (mostly women!) team behind JobsForHer! Almost all of us are also career-break women, who are committed to the mission because of our personal experiences when trying to restart our own careers.  To know more about what makes us so passionate, read below:

Neha – Founder An entrepreneur at heart, a Wharton grad, a mother-of-two and a woman who restarted her own career post motherhood, thus founding JobsForHer to enable other women to get back into the workforce.  When I restarted my career after three years of being a full-time mother to my two sons, I was amazed at how positive the restart experience was – not just for me but also for my family, and the company.  This opened my eyes to the challenges of so many educated, experienced, and professionally qualified women who take a career break for various reasons and then find it difficult to get back to work.  It was because of this that I was motivated to found JobsForHer to enable women to find a path back to the workforce and for companies to connect with this untapped talent pool.



Sowmya – Alliances & Partnerships Having had the ability and means to work with the companies that I wanted to, and then to create and manage a company of my own while raising my newborn, the learning and challenges that came along with those experiences was life-changing. I am thankful for this. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate to be in a position at JobsForHer where I can impact many other women out there who are trying to re-create an identity for themselves by getting back to their careers.



Pritha – Business Development After having worked doing BD for companies like Alibaba and TimesJobs, I took a break after my marriage, owing to a combination of relocating to a new city, my health issues, and also had to take care of my father in law - but I always wanted to return to work. So, once I surfaced, I answered that need to get out and re-start. I have always been passionate about selling and JobsForHer is a great platform from which to do that. I believe that I add value not only to this company but also the multitude of companies posting job openings and receiving great candidates from our portal; a true win-win situation.



Schonali – Content Manager I restarted my career after a 2-year sabbatical from working (for my family company) and an almost 5-year sabbatical from the general (outside) workforce. I had spent most of my working years in marketing, sales, and event management, ignoring my hard-earned double-major degree in Creative Writing and Women's Studies, because I didn't think that I could put it to any use. Until I heard of JobsForHer. As the Content Manager at JFH, I feel so privileged to be part of a team that is working towards real equality for women in our country by connecting women who have been on a career break for whatever reason(s) to companies that want to hire them in spite of, and sometimes because of, that. I didn’t even have my resume ready when I saw the ad pop into my email for an internship role at JFH. But something told me that here was my chance to get up, get out, and ease back in on flexible terms, and possibly reinvent myself while doing that. No looking back now...


Gayathri – HR I have had vast experience in working with companies like Tata, Monster and Everonn, which gave me great exposure in the areas of HR and marketing. I have in-depth knowledge of recruitment, and my previous experiences enhanced my expertise in this area. I took a 2-year sabbatical for my son and have rejoined the workforce in this great organization. JobsForHer has provided me a platform to grow professionally in the field of recruitment, while, in turn, helping other women to start, restart and rise in their career.
 is dedicated to doing our part to help the Indian economy drive its GDP to the $900 billion mark, where it would be if qualified women graduates and career-break women entered the workforce and assumed consistent levels of productivity.

Woman by woman, resume by resume, job-match by job-match, we will get there.


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