JC Penney - The Golden Rule in Retail Since 1902

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  • 28 Mar 2017


Their first store was named The Golden Rule because it was the standard by which their founder, James Cash Penney, ran his business. The Golden Rule — which is to treat others as they would like to be treated — remains a guiding principle for their company today.

From flexi-time to childcare facilities within a 1 km radius, to lactating rooms for nursing mothers, to drop-and-pick-up facilities for women, along with a security escort, if needed - this company is THE PLACE for working women!

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They are looking for motivated, talented and, passionate women returning from a career break, who are eager to hit the ground running and prove their mettle. With an inclusive environment and a culture to match, you will find career-defining moments and a sense of purpose along your restart journey with JC Penney. And they encourage you to do so in a style that’s all your own.

Because they know that their associates are the heartbeat of JCPenney, their focus is to bring out the best in their people.

Unlike most newer retail brands, this stalwart caught the boat ahead of time by becoming an internet retailer since 1998! It streamlined its catalog and distribution way back then, while undergoing renovation improvements at store level. That's called fantastic management foresight!


On April 14, 2002, JCPenney celebrated 100 years as a retailer.

This company has stood the test of time and weathered every storm that the world economy has flung at it. And they want to hire women coming off of a career break in Bangalore! 

So browse their jobs and APPLY TODAY!

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