India Inc. Paving the Way for Dual-Parenting in India!

  • Neha
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  • Women-friendly Companies
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  • 19 Oct 2015

JobsForHer is ecstatic about the paternity leave policies being initiated by big, medium, and small-sized corporates in our country to start the conversation on dual-parenting for our current and future generations of children. Realizing and acknowledging the genuine value of having dads spend those intimidating early days at home with new mums who need them more than anything else at that time, bonding with their babies and learning how - together - to look after their new children, is a tremendous accomplishment on the part of India Inc. that we applaud! When men step up to link arms with women on issues that require a concerted effort to tackle, great things happen. More and more women will be enabled to restart their careers after shorter breaks if they can count on the help that they need in those early days, from their husbands.

Read more about the ways in which paternity leave is gaining traction in our country's workforce, here...

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