Ideal Part-time Jobs in Yelahanka

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  • 15 Feb 2019

Yelahanka is a suburb in Bangalore, and it is one of the rapidly growing areas in the city and the state. With the ease of commute to the airport, the area offers rare respite in a city bogged with traffic problems. A part of northern Bangalore, the growth of the area hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government. The government has allocated huge funds as well as given BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) the task to oversee its development. Yelahanka is in proximity to the IT Hub 'Hebbal'. Therefore, there is a tremendous promotion of infrastructure here. As a result, the city has become an attractive investment hub and the number of jobs available here has increased. Owing to all this, there is no lack of part-time jobs in Yelahanka.

Part-time Jobs in Yelahanka


Yelahanka is home to some of the leading schools in the Bangalore area such as Ryan International School, Cambridge Public School, and The Presidency School. This means that tutoring can an ideal part-time job here. Ladies, if you have the passion and skills for teaching, choose this job role.

Fitness Instructor / Yoga Trainer

Slowly but surely, the people of our nation are becoming health conscious. Being a fitness instructor or a yoga trainer is one of the current sought-after part-time jobs in Yelahanka.  Understanding of the human body, lifestyle changes required to be healthy, and discipline will be some of the qualities required for this kind of job.

Sales Executive - Real Estate

The development of Yelahanka has initiated the city’s transformation from a sleepy little settlement on the outskirts of Bangalore into a buzzing residential investment destination. So, an ideal part-time job here is that of a sales officer in real estate companies. Affordable housing schemes are also on the rise in the city. If you have decent knowledge of the real estate market and great negotiation skills, this is one of the best jobs for you.

Store Manager

A store manager looks after the day-to-day operations of a store. For example, keeping a check on the inventory, recruitment, assigning tasks to employees, reporting to the owner, handling customer issues when the employees can't, etc. This job role entails quite a lot of responsibilities as all the people working in the store report to the store manager. Since Yelahanka is on the road to rapid development, there are many retail stores opening up.

Web Developer

With Bangalore being called the Silicon Valley of India, the need for web developers is always on the rise. This makes it one of the prime full-time as well as part-time jobs in Yelahanka. As a web developer, you will be responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites according to the needs of the client. Knowledge in HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, server architecture is necessary for this job.


Guest Service Associate

Museums, theatres, galleries, hotels, events…everybody needs a guest service associate. This makes becoming a guest service associate one of the easiest part-time jobs in this city. The job comes with flexible hours. The tasks under this job include maintaining the guest book, managing the planning for events, and procuring everything required for the event.

Administrative Supervisor

The job of an administrative supervisor includes looking after the overall functioning of the company. It would involve supervising staff, communication skills, leadership abilities and ability to make quick decisions. The job title may seem like it only involves supervising.  But in reality, it is also coaching the subordinates, helping them with their issues and acting as a mediator between the top level management and the other staff.

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